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Haiku of Kobayashi Issa

Kobayashi Issa was one of Japan's most prolific poets (learn more). He left in his journals over twenty thousand one-breath poems—then called haikai but today known as haiku. This website presents 10,000 of Issa's haiku in a searchable archive. Enjoy...

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Issa's Best: A Translator's Selection of Master Haiku presents over 1,200 evocative and inspiring haiku arranged in seasonal order—including an introduction to Issa's life and poetry. Available in paperback ($9.99) and as an e-book for Kindle and Nook ($2.99).

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Daily Issa: Go to Yahoo.com (Groups) to subscribe to the DailyIssa Yahoo Group to have one randomly selected haiku sent to your e-mail box every day. Or, if you only want to see the English translation (without the Japanese texts and comments), follow @issa_haiku on Twitter.

Painted Kobayashi coverThe Painted Kobayashi Issa is Mark W. McGinnis's gorgeous full-color book of paintings inspired by 100 of Issa's haiku. Available at Amazon.com.

About this website The Kobayashi Issa website was launched in May, 2000. It was created at Xavier University of Louisiana as a rich media project sponsored by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

Translations based on Issa zenshû (Nagano: Shinano Mainichi Shimbunsha, 1976-79) 9 volumes. Some of the translations first appeared in Issa, Cup-of-Tea Poems, The Distant Mountain: The Life and Haiku of Kobayashi Issa, and Pure Land Haiku: The Art of Priest Issa.

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