haiku, novels, translation & criticism
by David G. Lanoue

David G. Lanoue

I: haiku

My haiku have appeared in journals around the world. Enjoy this random sampling.

Two Ways cover

On a Sign Pointing Two Ways is my first stand-alone collection of haiku (a total of 71), published in a bilingual English-Spanish edition by Rompesilencios Ediciones in Cartago, Colombia, in 2016. Spanish translation and introduction by Carlos Alberto Castrillón; edited by Victoria Eugenia Gómez M. It is not on sale outside of Colombia (at this time).

Ein Gefühl von Neugierde cover

Ein Gefühl von Neugierde: 101 Haiku is my second collection of haiku, published in a bilingual English-German edition. published by Stefan Wolfschütz in Hamburg in 2018. German translation by Martina Khamphasith. Available from Amazon.de (Germany): for 12 Euros.

II: haiku novels

A creative blending of one-breath poetry and prose fiction; read more.

Haiku Guy cover Laughing Buddha cover Haiku Wars cover Frog Poet cover Dewdrop World cover

Explore Haiku Guy, Laughing Buddha, Haiku Wars, Frog Poet and Dewdrop World.

Order hard copies or e-books for Kindle or Nook.

III: translation and criticism

Write like Issa cover-Print Version
  • Write like Issa: a Haiku How-to Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828) was a brilliant master of Japanese haiku. This instructional book offers six lessons on how to write haiku based on examples from Issa and from 21st-centur4y poets who are following his path. This e-book is available for Kindle.

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Issa's Best cover-Print Version
  • Issa's Best: A Translator's Selection of Master Haiku is a guided tour through the work of Japanese haiku master Kobayashi Issa, gathering together in one text 1,210 of his most effective and evocative verses. This e-book is available for Kindle and Nook.

  • Or... order a paperback version of this book from CreateSpace (Amazon.com).
Issa and the Meaning of Animals cover
  • Issa and the Meaning of Animals: A Buddhist Poet's Perspective explores Issa's poetic vision of animals as fellow travelers in a shared world. Available as an e-book for Kindle and Nook.

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Pure Land Haiku cover
  • The Haiku of Kobayashi Issa website is by far my most ambitious work of translation: a searchable archive of ten thousand haiku by Issa with commentary.

Cup of Tea Poems cover Distant Mountain cover Hoa Lu thi tap cover Thi van yen tu cover Fireflies in My Hands cover

IV: haiku novels go global

Haiku Guy in French cover Haiku Guy in Spanish cover Haiku Guy in Japanese cover Haiku Guy in German cover Haiku Guy in Bulgarian cover Haiku Guy in Serbian cover Laughing Buddha in Bulgarian cover Haiku Wars in Bulgarian cover Frog Poet in Bulgarian cover Dewdrop World in Bulgarian cover Nowever in Bulgarian cover Laughing Buddha in German cover Laughing Buddha in Spanish cover

Haiku Guy is available in French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Bulgarian and Serbian (for the latter, search the author index for "Lanu"). Other books in Bulgarian include Laughing Buddha, Haiku Wars, Frog Poet, and Dewdrop World. Nowever has been published in Bulgarian only (not in English). A German translation of Laughing Buddha is in print. There is also a Spanish version of Laughing Buddha.

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