Issa's Best cover
(e-book cover)

Many people around the world subscribe to the Daily Issa via e-mail or Twitter. Others enjoy exploring my online archive of 10,000 of Issa's poems. No one, I suppose, has ever read all 10,000 at a sitting!

This past summer, I went through the archive one by one, hand-picking the haiku that I consider to be Issa's most effective and evocative: my personal favorites. This new e-book, Issa's Best, is the result of that culling. It's a guided tour through the work of the poet I love (and maybe you love, too)—a gathering together of 1,210 powerfully resonant verses. It includes a prose introduction to Issa's life and haiku.

I hope that you'll consider getting a copy for Kindle or Nook (just $2.99!).

Or... You can order a print-on-demand paperback version of this book from (220 pages; $9.99).

Issa's Best hard copy cover
(print-on-demand cover)

Sales of this book will go toward the continued commercial-free hosting of my website, home of the Daily Issa archive.

Thanks! —David G. Lanoue
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA