Nowever in Bulgarian

Bulgarian Nowever cover

ISBN 978-954-321-862-2
Iztok-Zapad, 2011


Nowever has the subtitle, "a haiku novel," but in reality it's the closest thing to a memoir that I have written: the story of my life from birth to circa 2000. Strangely, it has come out in Bulgarian translation before the orginal has appeared in print. It's odd but also kind of fun to hold in my hands a book filled with so many personal memories and intimate details of my life ... in a language that I can't read! I have stopped looking for a publisher for the English original, so for the time being if you want to know all about my life, love and the real-life inspiration for Haiku Guy, you'll need to learn Bulgarian!

Svetla Hristova

Svetla Hristova, translator.

Helikon Bookstore reading

A bilingual reading of sample chapters at the Helikon Bookstore in Sofia, Bulgaria. Petar Tchouhov (to my right) gave the introduction.