HSA South Region Meeting

May 21-22, 2011, the New Orleans Haiku Society hosted a meeting of the Haiku Society of America, South Region. The conference took place on Saturday, May 21st, at the Latter Library. Sunday's events included a haiku walk in Audubon Park and a public reading at the Maple Leaf Bar.

Coordinator of the HSA South Region, Johnye Strickland and other participants find their seats.

Chibi and Karel.

One table...

...the other table...

...back to the first table.

T.J., the youngest participant.

Howard Kilby, the former HSA South Region Coordinator, came down from Arkansas.

Tom Painting led the first workshop on "What's Lurking?"—a way to generate haiku through story-telling.

Juliet led a workshop on "Tarot and Haiku."

Lunch was held at nearby Kyoto's restaurant.

Waiting for sushi.


Food's on it's way!

A happy crew.

Johnette and Carlos performed a "Haiku Jazz Duet."

The next afternoon session was "HSA South Business."

A dinner and party at David's house capped off the day.

A conference to remember.

Photographs by David.

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