Issa's Birthday Party '09

May 5, 2009, members of the New Orleans Haiku Society gathered at David and Kathleen's house to celebrate Issa's birthday.

In addition to his birthday, the party also celebrated the recent discovery of two "new" haiku by Issa.

Kathleen with the spread.




Samantha joined the renga.

David brought out the cake.


HEY TOAD (drunken renga)

hey toad
the caterpillar will grow
and fly away!

like the buck moth
then down to earth
celebrating with
the goddess
sweet wine in May
in my glass
a drunk fly
wings bobbling
the little plane aims
at sunset
flying into sunset
waiting for
a friend
porch light is on
night blossoming jasmine
we shsh each other loudly
until their ears bleed
the old rocker
speakers blasting
more beer
their new apartment
mustard brown walls
book worms
a fake closet
no secrets
Queen Victoria poses
amid posies
he - she
birds of a feather
out of the closet
snow melts
Mount Fuji
wading in flood
the wells in her eyes
moon over the cemetery
than a motel
her best friend's
wedding in June
staying up late
humid air
a stained gown
Mr. Clinton
once the world's leader
checks in
it's hard to get
good help
at the shrink's
nodding off
to dreamland
photos on line
for the world to see
morning meditation
my mother's voice
in the wind
Lady Liberty said "Come!"
damn it
always follow
universal rule
ladies first
ballerina dances
my little niece
cutting the cake
cinco de mayo
memories, laughter

A splendid time was had by all.

Photographs by David G. Lanoue and friends.