Shokan Tadashi Kondo Visit

The New Orleans Haiku Society, along with Xavier University of Louisiana, hosted a visit by Shokan Tadashi Kondo. Professor Kondo gave a lecture at Xavier on the philosophical roots of renku on Wednesday, March 21st, and led a renku workshop at Latter Library on Sunday, March 25th. In addition to these two official events, Shokan Kondo led several enlightening renku sessions with NOHS members, some lasting late into the evening.

Professor Kondo's lecture at Xavier University.

Attentive students.

An evening of renku knowledge.

The Sunday workshop on was informative in a "hands-on" way, as Professor Kondo led a twelve-tone renku.

Table 1.

Table 2.

The workshop lasted beyond the library's closing time, but the renku continued outside.

After a hard day of renku, dinner in the French Quarter.

That post-renku glow.

The end of a great week of linked verse.

Photographs by David and Juliet.

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