Petar Tchouhov's Visit

Hosted by the New Orleans Haiku Society, Bulgarian poet Petar Tchouhov visited New Orleans, July 15-25, 2009.

Petar and Johnette had a bite of lunch before his reading at the Maple Leaf Bar, July 19.

David joined them.

He read his non-haiku poetry at the Maple Leaf Bar reading. Petar read the Bulgarian; David read the English translations.

Juliet of the Haiku Society attended. The woman in the background is a student and poet named Autumn.

Relaxing after his reading.

The organizer of the reading series, Nancy Harris, at the open mike.

The next day, at the Latter Library, Petar shared his haiku.

Once again, Petar read in Bulgarian; David read the English translations.

The after-party at Kyoto's restaurant: Karel and Charles.

Bob and Carolyn's sister-in-law.

Samantha, a visitor from Denmark, Juliet and Michael.

Petar, Samantha, Carolyn, and Mr. Denmark.

Carolyn and Petar hit it off.

Kathleen and Petar.

David and Charles toast a successful evening.

The group.

Photographs by David G. Lanoue and friends.