about this website

David G. Lanoue

This website is based on my Haiku of Kobayashi Issa site, especially tailored for young learners. With support from Xavier University of Louisiana, I went through my online archive of 10,000 haiku by Issa, hand-picking poems that I feel are accessible to young students of Japanese culture and haiku.

Before looking at a section of this website, I would recommend that you do a pre-test on the test yourself page. Then, after reading the section in question, test yourself again to see how you improved. Teachers might want to recommend this for their students.

If you are a teacher, I would love to have your advice and feedback. Contact me, David G. Lanoue. Thanks!

photo credit: Michael Dylan Welch

a note about me: I am a professor of English at Xavier University of Louisiana. I have been translating haiku, writing haiku and writing books and articles about haiku since the mid-1980s.