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Published in 2000, Haiku Guy is the first of my haiku- peppered novels. It tells the story of Buck-Teeth, a provincial poet and fictitious student of Issa (Cup-of-Tea), who in the course of his training travels to Old Edo and contemporary New Orleans, falls in and out of love, considers the many schools of haiku, and ultimately learns what it is to be a poet.

ISBN-10: 1-893959-13-9
The first edition, published by Red Moon Press, is out of print. Second Print Edition available as a paperback from Create Space.

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Haiku Guy goes global.

Svetla Hristova's Bulgarian translation of Haiku Guy was published by Iztok-Zapad Press in 2007.

Also in 2007, Saša Vazic's Serbian translation was published by Mali Nemo.

A French translation by Alain Adaken and Richard Carter was published by La Part Commune in 2008.

A Japanese translation by Keiji Minato was published by Sanwa Press in 2009.

A German translation by Kerstin Neumann was published in 2011 by the Hamburger Haiku Verlag, under the title Voller Mond: Ein Haiku-Roman.

In 2011 Editorial Funambulista brought out a Spanish translation by Carlos Fleitas and Max Lacruz, Loco por el haiku.