Haiku Wars

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Haiku Wars takes a tongue-in-cheek look at real-life conflicts in the small world of international haiku. It is also a mystery. The protagonist, Poet, is an unlikely detective who must locate a stolen manuscript in a single day or face dire consequences. Along the way, guided by his wise pet ferret Oscar, he interacts with sundry poets, each with his or her own agenda—political and poetic. The resulting work is full of laughter and enlightenment, and a window into the quirky world of one-breath poetry and the "wars" that consume it.


Hello! I'm Oscar—a ferret, a helping spirit, and the narrator (and hero!) of Haiku Wars.

Haiku Wars won a Special Award for Fiction in the Haiku Society of America's Mildred Kanterman Memorial Book Awards for 2010.

ISBN-10: 978-1-893959-82-8
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Haiku Wars now appears in a Bulgarian translation by Svetla Hristova.