Frog Poet

Frog Poet cover

This book continues my cycle of "haiku novels" in which characters in Old Japan appear alongside their counterparts in contemporary New Orleans—including the author himself. People from both eras who have popped in and out of the wildly unpredictable plots of Haiku Guy, Laughing Buddha and Haiku Wars—including the poets Buck-Teeth, Kuro, Mido and Shiro; the daimyo-turned holy man Kaga; and the heart-crushing Lady Plum—all appear in these pages of a story about an incredible frog who just might be a reincarnated haiku master.

ISBN-10: 978-1-936948-03-4
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ISBN-10: 0985900334
ISBN-13: 978-0-98-59003-3-5
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Read Svetla Hristova's Bulgarian translation of Frog Poet.